Today we took a trip up to Lewiston Maine, and while we we there we stopped at a yard sale, a Salvation Army, and the Marden's Offprice. The yard sale was a bust, but the usually stale Salvation Army actually had us needing a cart, and the Marden's was like walking into a time capsule. Last stop was an excellent lunch at the Milton Glaser/Love Boat-typefaced Italian Bakery.

Linda walking towards disappointment


The Salvation Army cart filled with old Ski-Doo helmets and a mint condition Stokke Balans Variable, which used to seem to me the height of nerdyness, but I now see as very sophisticated Scandinavian design.


The Marden's Offprice. Where have these posters been for the past 30 years to suddenly appear here, in a half price bin? (Sorry Loni and Cheryl, we opted for Farrah.)


Pappa Bouna! (what little Italian kids say): The Italian Bakery

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Frood said...

Ohhh, I love those kneel-ie sittie chairs. What a great find. And that shirt. AND the helmets!

james at 10engines said...

nice finds. cart full of helmets.

NorthStar Vintage said...

the stinkier the salvation army, the better (that's why the lewiston sal's is usually the best!).

i love your blog!