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Wary Meyers Gonks
Wary Meyers Gonks


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Wary Meyers Gonks!

Wary Meyers Gonks

Wary Meyers Gonks

Wary Meyers Gonks! A ragtag team of six fantastic creatures made to hang out in your child's (or inner child's) room.
"Gonks" originated during World War I Britain, when the flow of Teddy Bears from Germany was halted and materials were at a shortage. Ingenious mothers had to keep their children's spirits up so animals and creatures were sewn and glued together with whatever was on hand- fur, socks, buttons, felt, etc... They then continued to grow in popularity through the 60s & 70's as a charmingly simple and groovy creature.
In this spirit we've designed our Gonks as simple mounds of fur with appliqued features using materials we've collected over the years- felt, patent leather, metallic leather, vinyl, and pom-poms.
$45.00 each! ($50 for Commander Gonk, as the hat takes a little more time)

Aalto shelf

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Grey walls, silver walls, Renate Müller, and two lucky kids

Renate Müller, 1974


How fantastic are these two kids' rooms? I love how the walls are neutral (relatively, and awesome neutrals) and everything else is so colorful. Nice backgrounds for objects, and these kids have some great objects.
 The top poster-filled, fabric-lined dojo is German, 1974, from a book called How to Decorate Without Going Broke. (ironically you'd go broke if you bought that Renate Müller rhino today.) The bottom soft sculpture fantasia is from the book Children's Rooms and Play Yards (1980). (available here) And yes, that's a plush ashtray with a smoldering cigarette. 

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Tea Time!

New Scotland Yard, 1975

I forget where this is from, other than 37 years ago right now, but, somewhat related:
Tomato UK's type treatments from Quantum of Solace (2008)

Quantum of Solace from tomato on Vimeo.

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Debbie Harry, Eric Idle, Lauren Hutton and Princess Leia



Cool people hanging out together, 1982.
 from Monty Python's Autobiography.

Considering this v-neck and no shirt look this fall... (but not the medallion)

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Creative Playthings posters, 1971


I want them all but the one to the right of the car.

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Back to school

Robert Doisneau


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