Welcome to the Dollhouse

Sunday Linda and I went to a yard sale which was pretty much a small collection of things we didn't have much interest in. However, plunked in the middle of the driveway was a ramshackle wood paneling dollhouse that at least looked older than everything else. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a groovy little oddity completely out of place and literally out of time. The woman told us her father made it for her back in the 70's, and now her own kids are grown and nobody wants it.  She said her daughter was going to use it in her police work to recreate crime scenes, but then changed her mind. We also passed on it, although we did appreciate the use of surplus materials, the Deborah Bowness-esque taped-on-the-wall furnishings, the inside-out paneling, and the upstairs-downstairs country kitsch theme. But its main appeal was its madcap curtains soul.

I felt a kindred spirit in the father, as I made pretty much the same
 thing (although just a studio apt.) for Linda a few years ago:

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