Calder, Moore, The Viking

The fantastic light-filled studios of Alexander Calder and Henry Moore, from the excellent yard sale book "Architectural Digest Celebrity Homes II" (1981). Notice Calder's beautiful hooked rugs, designed by him and hooked by his wife Louisa. The Moore studio is the less impressive, but the wavy corrugated pvc roof is a great idea, and makes me wonder why more roofs aren't made like this, although the one over our deck will be within a month!
Another take on a personalized something-that-gets-stepped-on is this great idea from Kirk Douglas' backyard: the caption reads, "Stepping-stones inscribed by prominent guests over the years lead from the terrace, across the back lawn, to the screening room."
Unrelated, other than it was at the same yard sale, is this old leather belt themed pipe-smoking-at-the-desk set made by Gucci. Originally I saw just the ashtray, but then Linda said there was a humidor, and then the blotter and stand appeared from deep in the garage.
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hforhannah said...

Who doesn't need an ashtray with a belt, love this and really love your blog!

Good-Grace said...

omg... can't tell you how envious I am of the leather belt themed Gucci desk set. Gorgeous!