We'd never pass up a cool yard sale find just because it was designed with a child in mind, but lately we've been ramping it up a bit since we'll be joined by our own child around Christmas.

From the top: 
Excellent Jugenstyle poster by the great Seymour Chwast, for his and Steven Heller's "Design & Style" series. Jugenstyle translates from the German as"Youth Style" ("Art Nouveau"). 

Old toy submarine, the kind that sink to the bottom. I think there's a trick with baking soda which makes it resurface, but I'm not sure. 

1950's Bugs Bunny t-shirt. 

Spiel Naef wooden toys from Switzerland - the stacking pointy blocks were at the bottom of a cardboard box of other wooden blocks from the flea market and the box of Kugelbau was from a yard sale. The Dala horses are from various places, found one at a time until before we knew it we had a whole herd.

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ita darling. said...

some great finds! the chwast would be remarkable anywhere in a house! i knew his style from the moment I saw it!

and those building blocks are something else!

S.Lemon said...

I had those building blocks by Kurt Naef when I was a kid. A fantastic toy. I believe they're still at my parents house.

Andy said...

whoa all right baby time congrats! :)

g/d said...

Oh! I found a box of those Naef blocks in original packaging in a free pile in Rhinebeck, New York once, and one of my biggest thrifty sadnesses is that I had to sell them to pay some rent. Good find!