Linda bought this huge silkscreen at the flea market last year, convinced it had to be either by Andy Warhol signing his name in gibberish or by Andy Warhol titling it in gibberish. Framed at a long-gone framers on Laight St. in Manhattan. Signature suggestions are welcome, if you can read through the diamond dust.

Update here!

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Chuck Buttons said...

I don't know who did the silkscreen, but do you know who designed those lamps? I've got a red one and have curious for a while...

greg.org said...

first name looks like Papat, which can be Thai, Finnish, or Bruneian.

There's a ceremony for newborns in Brunei called Papat Jambul, which is like a christening.

As far as I can tell, though, it doesn't involve the gifting of large rag paint/benday dot/diamond dust silkscreens.

John said...

Chuck, the lamp (it's on a headboard-style wide base) is an old George Kovacs, probably from the 70's.
Greg, as usual you're a mine of information!

Anonymous said...

The closest I could get was Papa Gora Seck, a Senegalese artist that was producing serigraphs in 1990 (at 15!) and exhibiting in 1997. Mature work sells for tall green.