We wrote another guest post for Apartment Therapy, this time about the easy, gratifying aesthetic solutions 1x2 boards can offer your blank walls. Above is a photo I took behind the Shell Man, in Islamorada Florida earlier this year. The 1x2s are used to ship fragile coral and shells, then thrown away out back. If you're ever looking for wood for a project, check behind places like this, or places that have free pallets, since there could be packing crates there as well.

From top: The 1x2 opening spread from Wary Meyers' Tossed & Found in a NY apartment we did; more 1x2s in another NY apartment we did; Mrs. Mark Hampton's apartment by David Hicks (inspiration); a concept page from WMT&F which includes typographic 1x2 ideas in English, Kanji, and Cyrillic.
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