Click to enlarge each of these.

top: From a yard sale last weekend, 6'x5' wool patchwork blanket, backed in wool. The woman told us "a girl made it for my husband back in the 70's". It's in perfect condition- probably taken from the back seat of the Volvo wagon directly into storage. She said she'd take the 4 dollars and buy herself a martini.

Middle: Fantastic 8' Turkish runner from an estate sale. The edges are frayed but they can be trimmed and fringe added back on.

Bottom: From the 30's, an awesome crazy-quilting patchwork of denim and twills, with a few odd-shaped pieces within each square. 

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leila wylie said...


Anna at D16 said...

Hey! My mother bought me your book for my birthday (today!), and it's fantabulous. I'm going to post about it on my blog next week, once I've had time to take it all in a bit more.

Yay!! I love seeing what you guys are up to - you're hugely inspiring to me.

lintmag said...

Ha! I was laughing at "probably taken from the back seat of the Volvo wagon", as at this moment I have a great old patchwork blanket/quilt I found at some thrift store in that very spot - thanks for reminding me to bring it in!

newgrass said...

Wow, nice finds. Nice finds indeed.

iNdi@ said...

These are treasures indeed, well found!

K said...

I've been thinking of working with my Mom on a few quilts... might be fun!