Kristin Baybars and the Ostrobogulous


Ostrobogulous Hedgiwig, by Kristin Baybars, 1964, London, England. We found him in an antiques shop in Maine and thought it would be perfect for the baby's room (although placed out of reach, lest I find myself asking a baby "why did you rip that tag off? It's been on there for 45 years!").
After a little Googling, we found these days Mrs. Baybars has a pretty nifty miniatures shop in London, whose front window (the pink building below) looks the spitting image of our own front window, what with the miniature house and boat, among many other things. 
Cheers to kindred spirits.

Further Googling revealed a photo of a couple other Ostrobogulouses (Ostroboguli?) from Design Journal, December 1969, uploaded and html'd- along with every page from every issue- by the good people at (VADS (Visual Arts Data Service). I'd never seen this resource before, but it's endless and incredible. 

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Atall said...

I was given an orange Ostrabogulous owl when I was very young, which amazingly I still have - though it has holes and the stuffing's coming out. I was amazed to see it on the cover of a new album by the Magnetic Fields this morning (http://www.pitchfork.com/news/44885-magnetic-fields-announce-new-album/)

I didn't know there were others and I had never heard of Kristin till this morning.

Beautiful, Tom