President Ford Sat Here

Convertible coffee table, from the garage sale of one of President Ford's speechwriters a few years ago in Connecticut. In it's low position it's a 4 ft wide David Hicks-ian coffee table, but then the seats pull out and the legs spring down and it's a regular table. He said many nights they'd all play bridge on it, with White House cards and an ashtray from Air Force One. 
Every year around this time I think about what a perfect Holiday dinner "kid's table" this will make someday.
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EmilyKate said...

HI there, just found your blog, really enjoying going over your posts.... This convertible coffee table would be great for a small apartment, one of those ones that has no real dining room... you could put this in the living room, and when friends come over for informal supers it would be perfect. I'll be on the lookout for one.