The Point

Second hand needlepoints, always found for a dollar or two, and always making us ask "why would anyone get rid of this?" From top: the coolest tennis racquet cover ever, from a church sale. Obviously for a plumber, or a tennis pro with a wandering pipe; a nice colorful glasses case; a so sweet gift from a grandmother featuring an 8-bit sized Jack Russell; an old Union Jack pincushion; floating mushrooms; a funny Gucci purse, from an estate sale in Old Orchard Beach; two blue willow pillows; an old Princetonian eyeglasses case; a pink-and-metallic pillow from 1974; and Harry Nilsson's The Point, memorized by John from when he was a kid and now cued up on the toy turntable in our soon-to-arrive son's room (who needs "hickory-dickory-dock" when you have "Me and my Arrow".)

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