Spring cleaning


Orange-oiling day!
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g/d said...

Having that many Eames loungers is just not even fair!

Kate said...

I second that.
In fact, having even one Eames is unfair in my world.

Emily Rose said...

ok. I just found your blog and i have some serious garage sale envy. and while you're on the subject of eames chairs, i just found some amazing acid green molded plastic shape eames chairs, but not plastic.. leather. yess!

i'll be coming back to your blog religiously :)

R said...

get high on that stuff
drop me an email when you want to trade one of these bad boys for some euro furnishings!
eames envy-yes

DannyDaCat said...

Just found your blog via the Ladies & Gentleman blog, noticed that you have the same coffee table I do! You probably already know who it's by, but in case you don't, that's a Harvey Probber "surfboard" coffee table, one of a couple different designs. I bought mine at a local thrift for $25! Glad to see someone else with one!!!