Never crash

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Vintage Qantas Koala pencil,
no doubt given away to lucky kids visiting Australia back in the 70's.

Found hiding in a desk drawer at an estate sale.
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abigail said...

Or given to kids whose dad went to Australia in the late 70's, early 80's.

wish I still had the one my dad gave me.

courtney said...

This brought a smile to my face. I wasn't lucky enough to visit Australia or know anyone who did as a kid, but I had a koala that hugged a pencil just like that, given to me by my Papaw. I loved that thing!

Temps perdu said...

I´ve never been to Australia either, but I also had a little koala hugging my pensil;)
Thank you for this little nostalgia trip <3

The Browns said...

we had these!!!! ahh what memories!!

Cherie said...

Oh I remember these little pencil pets in the 60s. From memory they didn't come together! Fabulous find ... not quite as good as finding you tho' ;)

kiki said...

I used to have one of these koalas too! Not sure where it came from but I used to love it! I'm pretty sure I was a total nerd and used to wear it on my shirt collar....it was my little friend...:)

Brandon J-M said...

I did too - though I think it was from my Mom's roommate who's folks lived in Oz.

Haven't thought of that little thing in 25 years or so. Wacky! :)