Found pieces

Saturday's yard saling stuff:
From the top: The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein, with his wonderful inscription to a girl named Sarah. Now in our son Fletcher's growing collection of things inscribed, but not to him. :(

Vintage toddler's SnoPeak arctic bomber jacket, with boiled wool hood trim and slight lining-of-an-old-backpack patina. My hope is that he'll wear it this winter, but with our novice size forecasting, it'll probably fit him next July. (much to his grandmothers' relief).

A little Puppenhaus-size Rya rug. More likely made to be a pillow by a 70's crafter, but our first thought was that it definitely could be a Finnish salesman's sample.

Two large enameled industrial factory lamps in perfect condition- the stuff that looks like a chip is actually old plaster which just chips off, but we'll leave it there. These will be hung on cable and retracticle cord above a kitchen island in the guest apartment we're working on this summer.

Lastly there's a stylized brass hippopotamus box.
Total, $13.00- the lamps were 5 each.

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Garrett colton said...

Those factory lights are awesome. Well done.

lintmag said...

Good job, thrifters! I am glad the jacket is teensy as I was going to be mighty jealous if it was an adult size!
That hippo is adorable, too.

g/d said...

Maybe he can practice writing his name by crossing out all the strangers names in his books and scribbling his in? Come crayon-grip era, you may not have a choice.

kiki said...

wow, these are amazing finds! I can't believe you got them all for $13! I especially love the lamps...

Ben said...

Wow, my mom's name is Kiki!

Oh, also, Excellent finds!