Mackworth Island

Closer than the grocery store.
Our summer plan is to hang out here at least once a week.

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brettadactyl said...

mackworth is one of my favorite places in the world. bummed that they're going to start charging admission :/

seeing moss on the rocks makes me want an adventure there soon!


g/d said...

What is that cool rainbow thing in the first photo? It looks like a non-evil version of the Black Smoke from Lost.

Jane said...

beautiful photos* i'd kill for a couple weeks there this summer.
just found your wonderful blog - i'll be back. jane

kiki said...

the place looks perfect for some quiet and peaceful time. I am also very intrigued about the rainbow thing and was thinking the same thing...looks like the smoke from LOST! (but much less menacing...)

John said...

That rainbow was just a mistake- the photo was open in Photoshop and I somehow smeared the "pattern stamp" tool on it and that's what happened. It looked so weird I kept it, and added a shadow. But yes I thought of LOST also. Like Lost on Fire Island, or also wouldn't it be wild if this is secretly what rainbows looked like before they got touched by mist and sprung into the sky, like a straw-wrapper snake.