Mardens, Home of the Has Beens

From the newly opened Mardens Offprice in Scarborough Maine. Which already looks 30 years old, since they only maybe broom-cleaned the ancient Walmart they moved into. Mardens is an offprice last stop for anything from 1970's Eastern European mattresses to 1980's Brazilian cologne to recently expired pallets of Frankenberry cereal. Those obviously would be enough to make Mardens a somewhat regular stop, but occasionally they'll have the most ridiculously wonderful stuff, unfortunately usually due to some tragic mishap, like a fire or a flood, or maybe a bankruptcy, or some sort of expiration. Really it's a mystery where this stuff comes from, and how it's always at least 75% off a normal price.
John and Fletcher and I stopped by to check it out on Sunday, which was one of those ridiculously wonderful days:


Silver Hunter Boots, two pairs of the fantastic Swedish Hasbeens clogs- one black and one one strappy orange, and a pair of Dsquared rainbow-striped sneakers.


Above: How I felt leaving the Mardens parking lot! (photo from the Hasbeens website)

Below: John didn't fare too shabbily either, with a pair of Red Wing boots (made in USA) and some Clarks Wallabees



We even went to the Mardens up in Lewiston today in search of the same magic, but no such luck as at the new dreamy Scarborough one. If you're in town it definitely may be worth a trip.
Photo of Mardens below taken by John (ostensibly to tie in to the previous post.)


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Anna at D16 said...

Wow, what scores! These are the kinds of finds I dream of.

ita darling. said...

AMAZING scores- I just got my my first pair of swedish hasbeens on ebay! i can't wait to get them- they were about half off retail- but probably not as good of a deal as your two amazing pairs! where the heck is lewiston anyway?


wingtip blog said...

do you guys have the address? will be in the area next week.


Linda said...

Ita- the Hasbeens were 35 each- I'm in love with them. I keep wanting to go back to see if they have the boots!
Wingtip- Mardens, 451 Payne Rd. Scarborough, Maine. Good luck!

Karen said...

Linda!! Thanks so much for posting this. I just went and picked up a great pair of Clarks Wallabees. But the Hasbeens were no where to be found. Drat. But they did have a pair of Kork-Ease. Yay!

Anonymous said...


lintmag said...

ARRRRghhhh! That is so cool! The most I can be thrilled by here (NorCal) is getting the rare score at the Grocery Outlet, like supercheap organic flour or Tom's toothpaste. Somehow not quite the same...

50s Pam said...

green with envy

Golden Smith said...

Silver Hunters! Kate Moss will be jealous.