Fear and L.L.oathing




Vintage 70's L.L. Bean crazy-patchwork "Rainbow Lake" jacket, of the Hunter S. Thompson school of Gonzo jacketry, made up of every scrap of corduroy and twill in Freeport. I believe Raoul Duke's (as played by Johnny Depp, above) was actually an Abercrombie & Fitch, but the Bean version was a little crazier, and came with a belt/gonzo headband. From a yard sale last spring, it didn't fit either one of us but it was obviously too cool to pass up. But after languishing in a closet (with other "things-that-hopefully-might-fit-when-I'm-a-wizened-95-year-old") it was time to think we'll probably find another one by then and let this one go-along with my future William Holden looks, below.
So we put them all on ebay last month for some crazy bidding as the patchwork jacket went for $610 and the old Abercrombie and Bean safari jackets went for 200 each.
Rainbow Lake old friend: I will see your amazing technicolor dreampatches another time, another place, and in a bigger size. 'Til we meet again!



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Greg Allen said...

well played, well played.

someone else recently posted this Japanese magazine picture of the A&F version, which was from J.S. Homestead.

I point that out because I don't read The Trad, not in 2008, and not now.


edgertor said...

all plaidout blogged about their visit to the l.l. bean archives and included this jacket also--


Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves said...

That jacket is the raddest thing I have ever seen. Lucky man who has $600 bucks to blow on fashion.

Katie said...

good job!

david elzey said...

fresh out of college in 1984 i worked in a CA clothing factory that produced some LL Bean coats (and JC Penny coats using the same patterns w/ different colors). as a joke we would occasionally convince the seamstresses to put together patchwork coats like the one above and sew in faux labels from the "BB Ugly" line. we never wore them outside the factory, and i doubt i would have kept it all these years if i'd snagged one, but glad to see them appreciated on ebay.

R4TH said...

color me prisma

dani d. said...

that jacket is outrageous! i have a similar one made of patchwork LEATHER and i want so badly to wear it i just can't figure out HOW.