I know someone who knows someone who knows Allen Jones quite well.


A few years ago British interiors photographer James Merrell was up for a weekend photographing our apartment for Domino magazine (here, here, and here), and among the things I (possibly pesteringly) kept pointing out was our kitchen trophy. At this he said, "Yes No! I did see it and love it- and actually the only other time I've ever seen one is at Allen Jones' house.  ...Roger Dean and Yes and I would be hanging out there and we'd always see that knifey jumble on his kitchen wall."
Totally excited to have this connection I was all, "this makes us all mates now, right?!?"

Anyway, above is our kitchen trophy as of the other day, basically a collection of kitchen utensils piled together on the wall like a sort of heraldic crest, including my grandfather's corkscrew, a Stelton bottle opener, an old Zig Zag corkscrew, Dansk knives, a beat-down cleaver, a Danish gnome cheese-cutter, an Adidas tennis racket bottle opener and some other stuff. 

Allen Jones, from the Pirelli calender, 1973. Photographed by Brian Duffy and airbrushed by Philip Castle.

Jones with his sculptures Table, Chair, and Hat Rack, in his apartment, 
from the book 70's Style & Design.

The Jones Residence via Google street view, with quite coincidentally yet appropriately a leather-booted bird strolling by directly across the road.


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