Herb Lubalin Ampersand


Ampersand designed by Herb Lubalin for Upper & Lower Case Magazine, 1970. 
This 3-D version is a leftover from a type/writing themed installations project we've been working on lately for an ad agency. More soon.........

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Carlene said...

I love a good ampersand. Is it wrong?

Hey, if I sent you a fabulous ampersand that I don't recognize, would you try to ID it? It's driving me crazy.


Carlene said...

Found it...Pistilli Roman, ever heard of it? Love!


John said...

Yes of course- and believe it or not we have a Pistilli Roman ampersand as well. That and Bodoni are two of my faves.

Carlene said...

Of course you do!


Great taste.

Cassie said...

Wow. I love this.

Juliet said...

OH, that is awesome and I want it! Is it/other like it available for purchase???