Where is this place?

Barbara Remington's Lord of the Rings poster.


And what does it have to do with my story? And what are those pink bulbs?
All questions J.R.R. Tolkien asked when he saw Barbara Remington's cover painting for The Lord of the Rings.
In her defense she hadn't had time to read the books as the publisher was rushing out the paperbacks to squelch the sales of a pirated version. (see here also).
Anyway, the question I asked an indifferent Linda when we found the giant poster in the basement of an estate sale was "Oh my God! Can you believe it?????!!?"



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Carlene said...

No freakin way. You guys live a charmed life.

D R E W said...

wow. that's amazing! and, i just happened to be watching the first LOTR movie right now!

Thordis said...

It's Iceland!

Sarah said...

Woah, that is incredible! I'm something a step above jealous.

calgary bliss cupcakes said...

If you ever decide to part, I would be interested to buy! My dad is a huge fan.