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With a little help from us Urban Outfitters has boro'd the Japanese Boro Jean Quilt project from our book and made it into a cool hippie wall hanging. "Boro" is Japanese for rags, and is most often used in reference to the resourcefully mended, endlessly repaired indigo cotton futon covers of the farmers and fishers of Northern Japan. (See much more info here, and here was our primary source of inspiration during the original project). Our quilt version was made from salvaged old jeans.

Although Urban's is a slightly smaller size quilt it would also make a cool dog bed or a kind of tami mat or boro blankie for a kid.

The plum blossom-y peasant print on the back fabric (above) was also designed by us.
The middle photo is the Urban's sample, on top of our larger original, as it came to us to be okayed. The top photo is a spread from our book, taken near Linda's parents' house Long Island, Maine. The old hippie anthropomorphic shack being a "sweet home" ;-)

Home Sweet Home by Wary Meyers Denim Wall Art at Urban Outfitters
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Anonymous said...

Many fine examples of authentic Japanese old boro futon covers:

John said...

Thanks- I couldn't remember but it was kimonoboy who had the best boro things on ebay, always so tempting and inspiring, when we were doing the original project in the spring of '08. Thanks very much- I added him (you?) to the post.

Sarah said...

So awesome! That's the kind of heaven my holey jeans need to head off to.

jude said...

you might find the most amazing boro collection here. stephen is an expert.

jude said...

sorry forgot the link