Vintage Nike Poster and St. Elmo's Fire.

vintage nike poster


Vintage Nike Poster (framed under glass) from a thrift shop in Miami.
Judd Nelson's apartment in St. Elmo's Fire, 1985.
There must be a way we can scan the poster and print it out to do the same thing.

I'm not sure what the story is behind the Nike photo, but I think it may be a still from a filmed commercial. I kind of remember it, and there was something about the pose of the guy in the white tank top mimicking a Roman sculpture, maybe. (If anybody knows...)

Being that I had to sit through St. Elmo's fire to get that still, I might as well post Emilio Estevez & Andrew McCarthy's Godardian apartment, which is a little more up our alley...



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Nolita said...

love it

mer said...

Hi. Was just trying to find the picture to show my friend when I came across you blog. I noticed you asked if there was a story behind the poster.

So there is a story behind the Nike poster. The man on the ground collapsed & died of a heart attack immediately after the race. The shirtless man who's looking up is mentally challenged and this race marked his first huge accomplishment in life. The fact that he is in front of the man who collapsed is completely coincidental. And so is the photographer's timing for taking this picture. He didn't find out until either of the men until after the picture was taken.

You may ask how in the world do I know this. The man, standing in the background, (the one that appears to be holding something in his hand- (a cup of coffee)) is my father. He had to sign waivers to allow Nike to use him for their ad and naturally that's how he found out and passed it onto his children.
Amazing story.

John said...

Amazing indeed! I always assumed it was staged, given the perfect composition. Thanks for that incredible information! What/where was the race?