Linda ♥ John


John Taylor that is. So it says all over her grade school notebooks (Linda Taylor, Mrs. John Taylor, etc...)
Above is a In Fashion magazine from 1985 signed by him, which I found recently at a flea market and surprised Linda with (secretly hoping his corny "LIFE IS GOOD!" line would put the old fires out. Nope!

Here he is with Rio- and what is that crazy vaginesque beanbag he's laying against at 2:04? and should we be manufacturing them?:

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jellyfishheart said...

Everything is right about this video - this was one of the best from the era. I love - the outfits, the body paint, the tiny speedos, all the crotch shots, the humor, the sexiness, and the most gorgeous video leading lady of the 80's.

hb said...

YOU. ARE. THE. BEST. HUSBAND. EVER!! Well, except for Cheese.