Wary Meyers x Alice Cooper x Alvar Aalto


Aalto knock-off stools carved up with the desktop graffiti from Alice Cooper's 1972 album School's Out.
Basically this started out as an exercise in aging wood to a nice honeyed patina- making the originally brand new, very pale wood stools look like we've had them for years and years- but taken to a whimsical extreme. We sanded them down, nicked them up, cut slices off, carved in the markings, initials, and tattoo, stained them, tinted them, and polyurethaned them. All done by hand with no electric anything.

The stool is featured in our book Wary Meyers' Tossed & Found and now two are available in our shop. So if you're a fan of Alvar Aalto, Alice Cooper, and us, this is the stool for you!

a typography spread from our book

School's Out lp

Alice photo via Mrs. Gorman

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