Revenge is a dish best served with a glass of milk.

mrs fields cookies recipe chain letter, 1987

The Xeroxed Mrs. Fields' cookie recipe made the rounds as a chain letter from a duped and vengeful woman in the late 1980's. Linda and I found this one filed away inside a cookbook we bought at a yard sale. I had no idea about this, but Linda said it was notoriously scandalous, and that her mom got one, all her friends' moms got one, everyone got one. Mrs Fields herself got one and then had to issue a disclaimer saying "that's not my recipe!" (but it totally is).
Proof being what's left of our batch (above) which made our kitchen smell unquestionably like the mall. 

If you make them yourself change the 6 minutes to 11 minutes -actually that was probably Mrs. Fields' way out.

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hip said...

I'm totally baking these tonight. Thank you!