White Lines


Beverly Hills. the awesome endpapers of Eliot Elisofon's The Hollywood Style, 1969.
We were going to use this as the basis for a huge room divider (2" deep roads, the red being cut away), but it turned out to be too difficult to sand the edges smooth enough for a lacquer finish.
It's still on the back burner....

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Anonymous said...

Wish I would've thought of that for my Vintage LA endpapers. So good! P.S. Sad we didn't make to Maine in Dec., but have made the journey a 2012 resolution. So we hope to see you in Spring!

John said...

See you in the Spring definitely! Also thanks so much for the wonderful silver feather and gold oak leaf! I tweeted about it with a link to your blog post but didn't cc you. They'll be in our Christmas ornament permanent collection, they're so great!