Big Bird and The Portland Symphony Orchestra, 1980

big bird poster

I wonder what this was all about.

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40 over 20 said...

This is so great! Love it! As a side note, I went to school with Big Birds daughter for a while in Boston...What are the chances.

John said...

It is great. The colors are better in real life, but my camera doesn't do well with fluorescent. This was from a yard sale in Cape Elizabeth last summer. It's a shame to think a poster designed like this would likely never happen again, and kudos to whoever gave it the green light!
And somewhat related I went to summer camp in NH with Herman Munster's son!

Carolyn said...

Hello John from the Portland Symphony! This is an amazing image! We at the office have never seen this before. It's great!

Bruce Hangen will actually be back conducting the PSO for our 90th Anniversary Gala this May - I bet he'd get a kick out of seeing this!

P.S. I bought one of your Mainely Manly candles at K. Colette a few months back. Best candle ever.

Thanks so much for sharing this,