Sergio Carpani's 1978 Hi Tech Pompidou Ferrari Pens

1978 Sergio Carpani Revolution Pens

Sergio Carpani on his pen:
PARAFERNALIA asked for a pen that was unsellable, a courageous image. I started to work with what was HI-TECH at the time, that was to show the technical parts, the mechanism, the guts of the instrument (just like the Centre Pompidou – Beaubourg of that time) and design the shape of the fitting around it (just like Pininfarina was being asked to shape a Ferrari car around the powerful engines in order for it to perform efficiently). An innovative pen, entirely hand-made with 31 miniaturised metallic components and push mechanism just like the most complex race cars.

Pompidou, Hi Tech, and Ferrari. References don't get much cooler than this.

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David Neale said...

Just putting it out there:
if any wants me to design something "unsellable"
=can do