Yard Sale Report/ Ivy Shutters


1970's welded metal ribbon sculpture from a housewife who thought she might take up welding, and a Gerald Thurston brass pendant lamp. Photo taken in our studio. That's real ivy, but how great would it be to have year-round ivy shutters? You'd have to make them from plastic ivy of course...but oh well. That kind of carefree project reminds me of the old Diana Vreeland column, "Why Don't You...?"
Or, how awesome would spot-welded gold ribbon shutters be?


This is the house where the ribbon sculpture came from. I took this photo last year because I loved the glass hall to the garage. Again, why-don't-you..... a glass hall?!

Glass hallway

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Lindsay Brown said...

That is a great sculpture. I wonder who she was... so many unsung artists and designers out there. I'll send you a photo of the amazing chest I found on Vancouver Island, handmade by a Finnish immigrant in the 60s..