Arkitip 012, 013 by Geoff McFetridge and Mark Gonzales


From Linda's days as a designer in NYC, 2002, found beneath a stack of Grand Royal magazines in a drawer we never open. The Geoff McFetridge issue came with some iron-ons and a couple of pins, and the Mark Gonzales issue came with a mobile. The last post about Portfolio magazine running their 1950 issue with a young Irving Penn and younger Richard Avedon reminded me of these, as I'm sure years from now these two will be icons. (Maybe not quite of the Penn/Avedon echelon, but you get the idea.)

Among the tons of awesome things the two have done, here are a couple of favorites:
 Geoff McFetridge's "Things I make for my daughter", from Apartamento Magazine #4 (click for the Sight Unseen article)

geoff mcfetridge in apartamento #4 | sight unseen

and Mark Gonzales skating around a German museum, to the tune of Coconut Records' "West Coast":

... also a more recent favorite of McFetridge's is his in-store display walls for Target- check out the wonderful Al Jaffee-esque illustrations from his sketchbook:

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David Neale said...

I say they are of the echelon!