Wary Meyers Gonks!

Wary Meyers Gonks

Wary Meyers Gonks

Wary Meyers Gonks! A ragtag team of six fantastic creatures made to hang out in your child's (or inner child's) room.
"Gonks" originated during World War I Britain, when the flow of Teddy Bears from Germany was halted and materials were at a shortage. Ingenious mothers had to keep their children's spirits up so animals and creatures were sewn and glued together with whatever was on hand- fur, socks, buttons, felt, etc... They then continued to grow in popularity through the 60s & 70's as a charmingly simple and groovy creature.
In this spirit we've designed our Gonks as simple mounds of fur with appliqued features using materials we've collected over the years- felt, patent leather, metallic leather, vinyl, and pom-poms.
$45.00 each! ($50 for Commander Gonk, as the hat takes a little more time)

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dervla kelly said...

you guys, these are so flippin cute I can't even stand it.