"Can Anybody Play The Drums?"



 Thanks to how bored my in-laws are with none of their friends down to Florida yet, my father-in-law had some extra time to kill at an estate sale in Islamorada and found this old Who poster rolled up in a Garfield tube (that's killin' time). The poster's from the Cow Palace show in San Francisco, November 20, 1973. Notable for it being the night The Who launched the Quadrophenia Tour, but more notorious for drummer Keith Moon passing out on his drum kit from too much booze and tranquilizers. Pete Townshend then had to ask the audience "Can anybody play the drums?" (5:15) and 19 year-old Iowan Scot Halpin bangs out the rest of the show."

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Nascara said...

You have the best father-in-law! That poster is making my fingers itch to pull it through the monitor and into my home.

ita darling. said...

Killer all the way around!