Michael Blackwood Art Monographs

mr and mrs clark and percy photograph

If I had a few hundred extra dollars hanging around I'd order all these old Michael Blackwood artist films.
But at least there are fantastic previews on the website.
Favorite snippets include the Andy Warhol segment-basically all of it, but especially the still above; Robert Morris walking on steaming rocks outside the Guggenheim; I'd never known there was an actual photograph of Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy (which kind of ruins it for me- I'd almost rather look at the photo. Plus Hockney's "Celia is.. for a girl, terribly witty...) ugh. Lichtestein is always cool and I love the way the phone rings just as he gets to the top of the ladder with his coffee. The French kid's hair and sweater next to Sam Francis; the giant platform shoe in Larry Rivers' studio; and Jennifer Bartlett talking about Picasso: "Was he doing this and talking on the telephone or something? I don't know"

Check them out!

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Anonymous said...

This just made my day! Thanks for posting. Planning to save some pennies to buy a few myself...