Giorgetto Giugiaro Logica

A find from last year is this Necchi Logica sewing machine. It's not often great designers take on sewing machines, but when they do the results usually go straight to museums' permanent collections. The Logica was designed for Necchi by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the great Italian automobile designer and leading proponent of the awesome "folded paper" school of design. Besides Linda's sewing machine, his most angular and notable designs are the Volkswagen Rabbit, the Nikon F4, the Delorean, a slew of Italian Supercars, but most fun- and most like the Logica- is his Lotus Esprit, a car I used to build out of Lego tirelessly after seeing James Bond submarining around in his.

one of Linda's Logica-assisted coats

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Harri said...

Beautiful Blog! Maybe you would be interested to have a look at my design-related blog Produktesein (although I write my posts only in German).

Golden Smith said...

yeah John!
space lego- with those white wedge blocks would approximate the lotus and the sewing machine-easy.