Orange things!

Above: 1970's L.L. Bean Mountain Parka, from a yard sale.
Cast-iron and enamel American Standard Fiesta triple bowl kitchen sink, from a salvage yard. Currently residing shin-level in our studio, waiting for us to buy a house.

vintage Space Hopper made in Great Britain, from a flea market in Buffalo. Designed by an Italian buoy maker. He was also a Helmut lang model a few years ago.

Monsieur Meuble ashtray, from a flea market in Marseille. Awesome old logo. I almost want to add a W above him and Linda next to him and make it our new logo. 


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K @ Blog Goggles said...

You have a nice, juicy apartment.

Anonymous said...

oh, i love that parka!!

parisienish said...

monsieur meuble...so great!