Ocean Parked

left, Richard Diebenkorn,  from his Ocean Park series;
right, Old Orchard Beach on Saturday.

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lintmag said...

Great picture - I used to live near the Ocean Park area and you can really see the paintings come to life. Boats are always so tempting to just jump in and sail off somewhere - beautiful shapes and the thought of being surrounded by sky and water. Wish I knew someone who had one!

Cate said...

Hi -- I'm a fan from Bushwick. We're visiting Portland for the July 4 weekend. I've never been. Any suggestions for amazing restaurants or anything else amazing? So far our only plans are to go to the Portland Lobster Co., Rogue's Gallery, and the salvage store in Kennebunk. Thank you!

John said...

Hi Cate
It's worth it if you could make it out to one of the Casco Bay Islands. There are ferries that go out all the time. Also Rabelais Books on Middle St. is the best cookbook shop in the entire world. And watch the fireworks from up on Munjoy Hill in the East End.
Have fun!

Cate said...

Thank you! We enjoyed wandering the West End, Rabelais, The Good Egg, and checking out Munjoy Hill. Got a reprint of a 19th-c cookbook of California Mexican cooking. Will have to come back for Casco Bay.