Tanner Krolle

$2, from the moving sale of a young British doctor and his wife. 
Tanner Krolle has a long history of making luxury leather suitcases and gladstone bags for the well-heeled English, especially those who drove Aston Martins (always optional was a custom-fit set of Tanner Krolle luggage). This particular suitcase was made in London for Harrods, and has that nice country-look of leather and canvas with big brass fittings, a plaid interior and long leather belting if you choose to strap it to your car boot. 
The young doctor said it was a wedding present, and he used it on their around-the-world honeymoon, and it was a good one, but now it just takes up too much space. 

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susieq said...

I just love your blog. Only wish I could join you on your treasure hunts. You are master junkers! Spectacular finds.

Codger said...


Ketutar said...

"...now it just takes up too much space, and we are never going to travel anywhere again, because buying new suitcases would costs a LOT more and NOT be as good as this one, but, hey, I'm a young British doctor, and I know I will be busy with my practice the rest of my life..."
Pack it full of things and storage it under the bed, if you don't have space elsewhere. But - his loss, your win :-) I'm really happy for you, and extremely jealous :-D