Waal Aart

Alvar Aalto dining set.

Alvar Aalto table and chairs (Chair 66 and Table 90a)- $40 for all! Originally bought in the 70's from Placewares in Boston. To find them at a yard sale was definitely a treat, even though we have nowhere to put them right now. But the legs and backs easily unscrew, and there are plenty of them, so we could make a wall installation like the one at the Aalto Museum in Finland (below). However, it might be fun to use just the seats and top, in the shape of a giant kitty paw (see also)

(bottom photo by ettubrute)

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CrowNology said...

So awesome.
I have been leaving beautiful pieces behind (teak sideboard being the latest) because of lack of space. It makes me want to kick out my tenants, however they are paying my mortgage...
Great find.

lintmag said...

You're killin' me with this! 40$???? That is insanely great!

Andy said...

table + bags + plexi

good weird combination

R4TH said...

MF'ers!...crazy find.

Codger said...

I can't even believe it.