Useful things on the side of the road

If this were a yard sale we would have bought nearly everything. As it happens, what we did take were the old rubber hose, since our cheap store-bought one popped a few days ago, and you can't beat the fleshy patina on this one, the basket, which, we're not so much into baskets, but this one had been in a fire and looked kind of cool in a Maarten Baas/Maarten Baas' mother way, and it smelled great. 
Not smelling great however was the overflowing plastic bag of damp Fozzie Bear-like sheepskin, but a few weeks hanging outside on the porch and a few bottles of Febreeze should freshen it up. 

Sometimes we're not sure of what to do with any of this, but if we ever need it it's there. Or conversely, we didn't know we needed it until we found it. For example, we didn't know that a perfect Halloween costume would be a ginger Chewbacca sitting in a gold directors chair with his entrails hanging out holding a burned basket of candy. Imagine seeing that when you open the door.

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Kathleen Daunhauer said...

thanks for the great laugh i got reading this post this morning. I like you outlook on life and finding treasures/junk!

Raina said...

There's a reason you two are at the top of your game.

Brilliant post.

Sean Mewshaw said...

That IS a great Halloween idea, holee smokes. I wanna see it in action come October!

NorthStar Vintage said...

One of the reasons I love going to the Sopo dump is because the guys who work there create sculptures using the trash - similar to the setup described in this post.