Patrick Rylands fish

Yellow plastic fish bath toy designed by Patrick Rylands for Trendon Toys Ltd in 1970. Our son's favorite toy to stare at, auspiciously, ...or I suppose because it floats about an inch in front of his face while he's in his Tummy Tub, or maybe because it was his mom's when she was little. Winner of the Duke of Edinburgh's Prize for Elegant Design, 1970.
More on Patrick Rylands- including a little Spiel Naef and Creative Playthings connection-from the January 1970 Design Journal magazine (via the awesome VADS) (click to enlarge):

See more at the VADS Design Council Slide Collection

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David Neale said...

yeah, I would give it an award too, if I were a Duke!


it's funny we have the bird...it was my husbands when he was a kid! maybe the bird 'n fish will meet again one day. happy march

Adventures in Thrift Land said...

Thanks for posting about this! I just listed a pair (seagull and fish), and had no idea who designed them, though obviously it was a talented designer. In case anyone is interested in purchasing some, here is a link to my listing:


Now I'm off to edit the listing to add designer and maker to the title.

Sophie Barrett said...

I had one of these when i was little. In fact it was our only a bath toy. My daughters still play with it now in the bath. It is my all time favourite design any may have been what inspired me to become an architect! Glad to hear the history of it - thank you. I thought it was fisher price.