High School

Bong Contest

Taped to a pole in my high school cafeteria, 1976.
(via my older brother)

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Anna @ D16 said...

"Hurry"? Really? Who did they think their audience was?!

This is hilarious - thanks for sharing it. I'm amazed you've hung on to it for so long!

Gale said...

oh this is beautiful. i wish i had such memorabilia!

Carlene said...

LOL, this made my Monday.

Anonymous said...

I purchased one of those bottle cutter kits (circa 1970's crafts) at an estate sale a few years ago. It had two pipes and a film canister of very dried out home grown 'oregano' inside the box.

Bianca said...

i so want to enter that contest, i would sooo win. :)