Alexander Calder constellations




Some constellation wall sculptures by Alexander Calder. I scanned these from the book Calder's Universe, meaning to relate them to the Zolo toys, but amongst the Ettore Sottsass buzz I completely forgot. Anyway, aren't these awesome? My thought was how fun would it be to do this with the Zolos? They already have holes drilled in them, so all you'd need is wire (or a thin dowel), and velcro (to keep it in place on a wall), and you'd end up with something like a "Memphis splat". And a way of actually utilizing the Zolos instead of keeping them sequestered away until the age of non-choking-hazard/non-banging-them-on-the-table comes around.
For that matter you could do this with any wooden toy- the Calder above the fireplace somewhat resembles one of those wooden Pinnochio figures, or a Kay Bojesen soldier. Although if you'd do this on a child's wall I guess it should remain in the abstract.

Also, the Breuer's Constellation (middle photo) makes me want to build an orrery, even a strange Sci-Fi one, like a Star Wars orrery, with two suns, Alderaan, Endor, Death Star....


and below, from Portfolio Magazine, 1950:


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Keith said...

I'm making one out of some old clothes hangers and Kerbangers!

genevieve said...

Do it!! And then, of course...pictures please.