Are you ready for the country?







Only if it's tempered with a heavy dose of contemporary, ideally the 1970's 80's contemporary of white formica, tile grids, and High-Tech details, all interior design staples from when the American Country/Primitive look was in its renaissance.

From the top:
Designer John Saladino's country house (literally), featuring  Noguchi lamps, Saladino-designed leather sofas, and other modern lighting, including the Colombo-looking ones and the cool clear-glass table lamp next to the fireplace.

Two photos of Mary Emmerling's apartment (the first from House & Garden Sept. 1978), with tile grids, factory lamps, formica, and even a sheepskin-seated ten-speed among the antiques.

Below that more tile and a I'm counting the round white lamp cord as the modern element, and most likely that  gridded apron was from Conran's. The real star though is the table, with old iron cow-feeders built in to the corners.

Bottom: In a French country farmhouse is a different take on the farm table, with a sink and cooktop conveniently set into one end. Stereo speakers (with very European-70's retractile cord) are hung on the window shutters so that sound can be directed inside or outside- my favorite photo from Suzanne Slesin's French Style (1982). All other photos from Mary Emmerling's  American Country (1980)

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My name's Haley said...

Wow. This is super inspiring/surprising. I love that second photo.

Anonymous said...

This spread is SUPER inspiring!!!