Bjorn to Ride

Bjorn Wiinblad candelabra

Spectacularly whimsical 20" tall Bjorn Wiinblad ceramic horseman candelabra, new in our shop.
Also in our shop, which, thanks to Remodelista's mention has been recently depleted, are some Patrick Nagel prints, Alessio Tasca bookends, Gunnar Cyren cooking pots, a Gerald Thurston desk lamp, a Jack Russell needlepoint, a brass souvenir of Kuwait Towers, two more oil tankers, a Jens Quistgaard tray, a brass Beverly Hills key tray, and a lucite wine pourer,  among other things.
the Wary Meyers Shop

Below: A Gump's of San Francisco's incredible Bjorn Wiinblad display from the mid-70's. Notice the giant fountain overlooking a chrysanthemum-bordered reflecting pool. wow




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