recent fåvorites.

clay pot




Top: Hershey's Syrup clay pot with cactus. The woman said she bought it (without the cactus) 25 years ago from some Amish kids on the side of the road near Hersheypark. This is the kind of thing I wish I'd thought of.
Gunnar Cyren teak peppermill with Peugeot grinder, for Dansk. Usually you see just the Jens Quistgaard peppermills, so this was a rare find.
Giant canvas and leather bank bag from the old Porteous department Store here in Portland. It was bought out years ago by an unscrupulous new owner who heaved all the great old history into the dumpster. The woman we bought it from said she had to climb into the dumpster to retrieve years' worth of all their old hand-drawn advertisements, which are now in the historical society. Also she lugged out her old desk, which the Scrooge-like new owner made her pay $100 to keep.
Lastly, Richard Scarry's Engelsk Ordbok (Storybook Dictionary) in Swedish/English, making the decision of what second language to teach our son an easy one, albeit impractical and likely confusing. But you never know!

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brooklyn_codger said...

All so excellent! Especially the cactus/Amish syrup pot.

Bianca said...

that hershey's pot is genius.

TheNorgeThrifter said...

Is the peppermill going up for sale on your store (fingers crossed)?

John said...

Sadly no- I love it and it fits right in with its brothers!
Plus it's the only Peugeot one we have.