Bergen St., 2003






A few photos from our friend's Bergen St., Brooklyn apartment we did a little on-the-cheap decorating to back in 2003.
Top, gradient radiator: a can of orange and a can of yellow meet in the middle. (Radiators don't need to always be painted silver).
-The painting above the desk sort of mirrors what's going on on the radiator. It's from The Carousel Thrift Shop in Southport, Ct., one of our all time favorites. Old French paperbacks are always a nice prop, and leaning against a stretched Coke bottle makes them a little less pretentieux.
-We painted a black border inside the bedroom walls. Originally this was going to be done with fabric, a la David Hicks, but then I saw a photo of how that withstands time (not so well) and we chose glossy paint.
-We made a custom monogrammed mantle/fireplace to make it a little more homey. This was painted white, but you can see here that it was made from a variety of "street wood". The mirror was a perfect fit, and perfect patina, from an abandoned lot in Brooklyn.
-The door was painted with her apartment number, another idea from Terence Conran's The House Book.

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If Jane said...

oh! nice to have discovered your blog!
you had me at 70's and richard serra!

Mehul said...

The idea of painting the door is so nice in last picture. thanks to Terence Conran ! xo
~ Mehul
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