Jackson Pollock (esque): off the floor and onto the wall




This is a Pollock-inspired painting we made a few years ago for a Past/Present project Design Sponge asked us to do. In our mind it was an updated "painted-floorcloth"- based not on a geometric pattern but on the paint-splattered floor of Jackson Pollock's studio. However, it proved to be too wild and off the mark, and we were nixed, but happily left with a pretty close copy of a Pollock to hang on our wall (as the paint flew and it looked more and more like "Lavender Mist" I thought it would be so much better on the wall.)
But as I haven't gotten around to screwing 1x2s together for a stretcher, it's time for somebody else to enjoy it.

House paint, car paint, enamel, latex, acrylic, and oil on canvas.

The canvas is 4'6" x 6', unstretched and unframed.

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(and Happy 101st Birthday Jackson Pollock!)

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