We'd never pass up a cool yard sale find just because it was designed with a child in mind, but lately we've been ramping it up a bit since we'll be joined by our own child around Christmas.

From the top: 
Excellent Jugenstyle poster by the great Seymour Chwast, for his and Steven Heller's "Design & Style" series. Jugenstyle translates from the German as"Youth Style" ("Art Nouveau"). 

Old toy submarine, the kind that sink to the bottom. I think there's a trick with baking soda which makes it resurface, but I'm not sure. 

1950's Bugs Bunny t-shirt. 

Spiel Naef wooden toys from Switzerland - the stacking pointy blocks were at the bottom of a cardboard box of other wooden blocks from the flea market and the box of Kugelbau was from a yard sale. The Dala horses are from various places, found one at a time until before we knew it we had a whole herd.

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Dragon and Mountain

Smaug and Erebor
What's neat about the dragon is it's cut from one slab of clay and then folded up. 
The "mountain" is an awesome Max Ernst-ian print we found at a yard sale. 
A perfect pair.

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Grace from Design Sponge was kind enough to feature our book and interview us, which you can see here, and we also gave her this great soft sculpture DIY bookends project based on a pot my grandmother left on the stove overnight. By the way Happy 99th Grandma!! Pin It


Kiss Kiss

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Linda bought this huge silkscreen at the flea market last year, convinced it had to be either by Andy Warhol signing his name in gibberish or by Andy Warhol titling it in gibberish. Framed at a long-gone framers on Laight St. in Manhattan. Signature suggestions are welcome, if you can read through the diamond dust.

Update here!

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Toy Boat Toy Boat Toy Boat

From a yard sale, looking like a cross between Moby Dick and an H.C. Westermann Death Ship.  And a narwhal.
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Fireplace Type


Brick openings alphabet (monograms), an outtake from our book. 

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Hare Krishna Ramalama ding dong

From the flea market on a virtually empty day last week- but, another old headband and another old belt buckle
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The New York Times


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