Bear Up Bison!


Our old and good friend Vinditto at the brilliantly resplendent The World's Best Ever kindly asked us to contribute a mix tape to their amazing catalog of Sound Advice. While we're no djs, our mix starts off somewhat autobiographical (except for Makin' It- I thought it was about makin' it) and then segues into a melange of what was most often in the tape player/on the passenger seat.

Click the boom box and enjoy.

Sound Advice 71: Wary Meyers
01. Streetbeater Theme by Quincy Jones
02. Boy/Girl by U2
03. Makin’ It by David Naughton
04. Sexy Eiffel Towers by Bow Wow Wow
05. Shack Up by A Certain Ratio
06. Me And My Arrow by Harry Nilsson
07. Only You Can by Fox
08. Monica by The Kinks
09. Stacey Grove by Tyrannosaurus Rex
10. Junk by Paul McCartney
11. History Lesson Part II by Minutemen
12. Fearless by Pink Floyd
13. On The Way Home by Neil Young (from “Live At Massey Hall”)
14. American Tune by Paul Simon (from Greatest Hits, Etc)
15. Red Sleeping Beauty by McCarthy
16. Post Modern Girls by The Strokes & Regina Spektor
17. Bear Up Bison by Big Dipper
18. Loch Ness Monster by Big Dipper
19. Moon Shadow by Labelle
20. Ma Ligne De Chance by Anna Karina
21. For Lovers by Wolfman and Pete Doherty
22. Grazing In The Grass by Hugh Masekela
23. Roxanne by Sting (from The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball, 1981)
24. Message In A Bottle by Sting (from The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball, 1981)
25. Tonight You Belong To Me by Bernadette Peters and Steve Martin
26. Wild Mountain Honey by Steve Miller Band

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Take R.I.T











The best yearbook photography I've ever seen.
Selections from Rochester Institute of Technology 1974, 76, and 78.

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Fiorucci Fioruscha


Late 70's Fiorucci shopping bag. Above, from The Official Preppy Handbook; and top, on our kitchen wall by way of Ebay, years ago (this is the actual auction photo- 17 dollars,framed under glass!)
Fiorucci put out some amazing graphics during their heyday but this is my favorite. Equal parts Ed Ruscha and the actual gas station down the road from where I used to live in Italy, which I'd either ride my bike by or hitchhike by just about every day.

Standard Station, Ed Ruscha 1966

Total Station, S.S. 222 from Greti to Greve in Chianti

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So You're a Man


Vintage terrycloth Stubbies from a modern Kiwi man's estate sale last weekend. Never worn- perhaps as a result of trying on...

L&P ad from the ever brilliant Jemaine Clement.

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September 17th

Sofia Vergara as Mary Tyler Moore on the cover of Astrud Gilberto's excellent album September 17, 1969.

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From the sublime to the ridiculous



1954 Gerald Thurston table lamp on brass stand with walnut hand grip; 3 sockets and linen shade with baffle above and diffuser below, from a church thrift shop. Marked down to $5 from $8.

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VĂȘtements 1970


Pauline Denyer and Paul Smith

On 9 October 1970, armed with £600 savings, Paul Smith opened his very first shop. Called VĂȘtement (the French word for clothing) and located a 6 Byard Lane, down a tiny back alley in the centre of Nottingham. The weekly rent was just 50p.
The 12-foot square room that is featured in the exhibition gives an idea of the size of the premises (compact to say the least) and various artefacts- the original till with the first day's takings, Pauline's diary, and a selection of photographs- build up an impression of the place. The bottle of Eau Sauvage eau de toilet in the glass cabinet is a little more obscure: this was to disguise the smell of Paul's Afghan hound Homer, which tended to overpower the windowless room.
VĂȘtement was originally open only on Fridays and Saturdays; Smith having to work during the week selling fabrics, making up suits for wholesalers and window dressing, and later as a stylist and consultant, to bring in some more steady money. But soon the shop was buzzing. It was the only outlet outside London which stocked Margaret Howell and Kenzo, and after a while, slowly but surely, Pauline and Paul began introducing their own designs on the racks.

From Paul Smith: True Brit (1998) an exhibit in Tokyo, Kobe, and Fukuoka, winter 1998.


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Birthday, 1975


September 4th, 1975. Green Arrow, Superfriends, The Six Million Dollar Man, and Snoopy. Breakfast was probably Quangaroos or Freakies and in all hopefulness dinner was a Libbyland and a Friendly Fribble.

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Bjorn Wiinblad's Hus

bjorn wiinblad's hus

From "Guide to Copenhagen, May 1973" brought back by my grandparents. Unfortunately the didn't bring back any Bjorn Wiinblad.

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