bike ride


new favorite photo.
 from The Family of Woman, 1979

related, from the Family of Amphibians:


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Happy Memorial Day


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More Vintage Fab


Another Fab.com vintage sale happening for the next 6 days, including this fantastic British suitcase, awesome pottery, mushrooms, Mad Men tumblers, a pair of Lee Stemer carpet bags, and more.

If you need an invitation to join FAB, click here

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Late de Kooning on late Matisse

Matisse, from Life Magazine Aug. 1970

Matisse, too, was often in his thoughts. He admired the graphic simplicity of La Danse, which he had often seen in the Museum of Modern Art, and he loved the spirit of the cutouts. "Lately I've been thinking," he said in 1980, "that it would be nice to be influenced by Matisse. I mean, he's so lighthearted. I have a book about how he was old and he cut out colored patterns and he made it so joyous. I would like to do that, too- not like him, but joyous, more or less."

Willem de Kooning by Linda McCartney

de Kooning Untitled V1

 My favorite de Kooning quote, from the book
de Kooning: An American Master, (page 589)

top: Matisse spread fom Life magazine, Aug 1970
de Kooning photo by Linda McCartney, from Linda's Pictures, 1976
de Kooning's Untitled, 1982

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Pierrot le Fou

Some of the millions of reasons to love Godard's Pierrot Le Fou, to the tune of Francoise Hardy singing "La Mer".
Put together brilliantly by youtuber Akaisoul.
Happy Weekend!

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Flying Colors


Linda's egg jeans , Gerber sneakers, a vintage Fischer lullaby toy, and The Beatles.

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Wary Meyers Kids Shop

Wary Meyers Kids Shop Splash

New things will be added constantly, so check it out all the time!

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If 2 year-olds could carve things into their chairs





It would look something like this.
Vintage Creative Playthings chair refinished and carved by Wary Meyers, in our kids shop opening this week.

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The Dansk Bong


Pepper Shmepper. An exciting new line of bongs with the clean, handsome look of Scandinavian design
... and a nice big party bowl.
Even though a woodshop lathe does not a Jens Quistgaard make, you've got to hand it to them.
Even the ad has the old Lou Dorfsman sensibilities.
From High Times, June 1977.

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The Metropolitan Museum's Jolly door prize, 1960



1960 Fiat 500 Jolly.
Arrived in Maine in a cardboard box aboard the freight train to Portland from New York City where it had been a door prize at the Metropolitan Museum. 

How great is that? I would've been psyched to win a just a wicker chair.

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